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Eco-Therapeutic Writing 



See Mentoring for pricing. This leg of Ecoinnersense will focus specifically on writing with Nature, and/or expressing yourself and Nature's voice through the written word. No skills in writing are required (I only started just one year ago; and, grammar doesn't flow easy for me!). It is suitable for amateurs and professional writers alike - This is an experiential eco-therapeutic approach where the process of simply writing, through guided activities, can be awakening. 

Like a story, your new journey must begin somewhere! Become part of your land's story.

Image by Federico Bottos
Image by Kourosh Qaffari

Nature Communication


by Sensing Words of Energy


 Example shown here of receiving Nature's message through words of energy during an eco-therapeutic one-day pilgrimage. Develop your intuition, imagination, heart sense and natural empathy in partnership with Nature through eco-therapeutic writing. Experience a journey or pilgrimage of a lifetime to reconnect and commune with Nature, and share it through words co-created with Nature. No skills in writing are required.

Sense messages from an-other and absorb memories and words of energy from land, sea or skyscape. 

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

- Albert Einstein

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