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Leah has worked in Nature connection and personal development for 21-years. Her interest focusses on the human hidden senses and evolution of spiritual and mystical experiences. She is a Wanderer, Animist, Dreamer, Nature Mystic and Journey-Teller by soul. Leah is passionate for solitude, traditional cultures and pilgrimages. She explores ancient sacred sites, gets lost 'purposefully' in mountains and forests, alone, and explores wild places for wolves, bears and other wildlife. At 40, Leah found her skill in intuitive Nature writing whilst hiking in a captivating Spanish mountain landscape - A place she calls home; co-creating in partnership with Nature daily. 


For many years, Leah, originally from the North of England, ventured Ecuador, Zambia, Uganda, Spain and Kenya, living in the outskirts of large cities like Kampala, Livingstone and Guayaquil and remote rural areas too like Ndhiwa, Kodumba and Mfangano. She developed and led a myriad of sustainable youth and community-led voluntary projects with various NGOs; supporting vulnerable people facing injustice and inequality. 

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  • 21 years' experience in people development, wildlife conservation, youth & community engagement, informal education and Nature-connection

  • Connects with Nature and Spirit in solitude daily. I practice what I "preach", so to speak

  • I notice connections, patterns and "pictures" exceptionally well in people, landscapes and Nature, and my not so secret obsessions are Stones, Spirit and extraordinary experiences

  • Lead Coach and Trainer, leading a team of 22+ professional wellbeing coaches & therapists 

  • ICF & EMCC accredited 135-hour ACTP Professional Coach Certification & a mountain of CPD

  • EMCC Accredited Coach & Mentor at Senior Practitioner Level. 11 years coaching 

  • Speaker at the EMCC 27th Mentoring, Coaching & Supervision Conference & EMCC GPS Summit

  • Holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Wildlife Conservation

  • Post-Graduate Diploma, MA level, with Distinction

  • Level 4 NVQ in Advice & Guidance (IAG) 

  • 2500+ hours delivery of coaching and mentoring

  • Experienced trainer of youth coaches (ACSTH), mentors & young global changemakers

  • Certified SOMA Mindfulness Teacher

  • Certified Natural Mindfulness Guide (IMMA) 

  • Experienced Eco-Consciousness Thought Leader

  • Published Eco-Consciousness Co-Author & Writer

  • Mystical Nature Writer for O.N.E's Newsletter

  • Ecotherapy Certified (190-hours) with Tariki Trust

  • CPD Certs. in Ecotherapeutic Storytelling & Photography, Green Tarot & Archaeotherapy

  • Student of Shamanistic Practices

  • Completing a Masters (MA) in Ecology & Spirituality

  • See certificates, roles and reviews on LinkedIn:

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