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Spiritual Life Coaching


Three Month 1-2-1

Spiritual Life Coaching Package

Includes 6 one-hour spiritual life coaching sessions held on alternate weeks, with Leah, along with 12 weeks of deeply reflective soul connection and self-coaching 'homework' exercises to complete in-between sessions.

Unlike Ecoinnersense mentoring and online retreats, spiritual life coaching 'homework' exercises are tailored to you and inspired by your reflections during our sessions. They are not pre-determined and may include:

- Pdf soul and purpose connection activity instructions 

- Links & recommended reading / watching

- Audio meditations by Leah

- Questions to reflect upon

Journaling and other creative activities etc.

Costs just: €399 (approx. £340 / $420)

"Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose"

- Victor Frankl

How Spiritual Life Coaching Differs

Spiritual life coaching is different from other Ecoinnersense sessions and general life coaching. It involves the deepening of your spiritual goals and a heartfelt soul connection, including your interpretation of the meaning of life, exploration of your purpose and what's 'divine' to you. There isn't a focus on Nature connection like in other Ecoinnersense sessions (although, if Nature is sacred to you, like she is for Leah, then this can be explored together).


The main principle of coaching is that the client has the answers within themselves, even more so in the sense of spirituality. The coach is there to empower the client to seek their answers through their coach's powerful listening, guided meditations, observations and questions. Therefore, Leah will not mentor you through her own experiences, ideas, activities and knowledge. She will instead, support you to navigate deep within yourself for your own answers and beliefs around spirituality, the meaning of life and the 'divine' as you see and sense it. This process can be exceptionally inspiriting, liberating and insightful. Maybe the answers you've been seeking, and your unique reason for being, really do lie within you, and always have! 

"The ability to ask questions is the greatest resource in learning the truth" - Carl  Jung


In the instance of spiritual life coaching, our sessions specifically aim to connect you further to the universe, your spirituality and purpose rather than focusing on other areas of your life like general life coaching does. Your spiritual coaching goals are likely to go deeper within you, to your heart level, soul and beyond into an-other and the universe!

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Why Chose Leah as Your Spiritual Life Coach

Leah holds over 135-hours of ICF & EMCC accredited, and ACTP certified, Professional Coach Training and 9 years coaching experience. She is also on her own profound spiritual journey with Nature (Mother Earth) and the soul of the Universe; seeking her soul's calling and exploring all that is! Leah is trained in Ecotherapy through an other-centered (Buddhist) approach and has spent many years being mentored by psychic mediums and by her mother, who is an outstanding master reader of the I-Ching Chinese oracle; having practiced it for 40-years. Although Leah does not practice the I-Ching, she is acutely aware of its teachings; in many ways the I-Ching was an integral part of her upbringing! Leah grew up with spiritual values inspired by an array of global cultures and beliefs, and eagerly continues to learn often. Leah is intrigued by the Celtic culture, Amazon tribes and forgotten practices of pre-historic communities. She is deeply spiritual, engrossed by all possibilities, practices and cultures, but Leah is not religious.

"When I had all the answers the questions changed" - Paulo Coelho


It is extremely important to ensure that we match before you start. Leah does not provide refunds and choosing a spiritual life coach can be a very personal decision based on trust and connection. The coaching relationship requires confidence for you to be able to share your unique journey, beliefs, hopes and fears. This openness is crucial, to help you walk your individual path towards awakening, universal alignment, your soul's calling and to find inner tranquility. Prepare your questions and book a free consultation to ensure Leah is right for you.