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Psychic shadow is a YouTube Channel that was launched on 11th June 2024. Over the next few months it will be filled with I-Ching, Tarot and psychic readings, mystical stories and many reflections by mother and daughter duo Deborah and Leah Black.


Deborah Black BA (Hons), pictured below, is a psychic medium who has been reading the I-Ching Oracle almost daily for fifty years. Deborah is also an artist living a nomadic life on a boat; constantly flowing with the canals of Britain, never staying in one place for too long.


Leah Black is a Nature mystic, psychic and founder of Ecoinnersense. She reads the Tarot intuitively, working with the Tarot as a mystical aid, and has communed with Nature and Nature spirits for more than twenty years. Leah is also a mystical Nature writer and mentor for mystical and spiritual women. She lives in a tiny stone cabin near the peak of a mountain in a vast remote Spanish mountain landscape, seen in the image above.


Leah inherited her psychic abilities from her mum Deborah and grew up guided by the wisdom of the I-Ching and her mystical mum. Leah originally trained as a medium at just age 15 for four years. However now, for the first time, Leah and Deborah are joining forces to share their wisdom and that of the ancestors, land and spirits as a duo; each a Psychic Shadow of the other.

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