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Autumn Online Retreat (STARTED)



 Maximum of 15 people in each group.

 'Reawakening your senses' will explore:

1. Senses, mindful Nature connection & exploring Nature's signs and symbols

2. Connecting with your natural intuition and gut sense

3. Use of imagination and heart sense for deep Nature connection

4. Insight walks and guided visualisations

5. Sensing energies & finding your natural ally

6. Sensing Nature connected empathy; sharing nature-based stories & reciprocity

Image by Federico Bottos
Image by Denys Nevozhai

Winter Online Retreat (STARTS 21ST DECEMBER 6PM GMT)



 Maximum of 15 people in each group.

 'Reconnecting to your natural purpose' will explore:

1. Curious explorations of purpose in Nature

2. Finding purpose & perspective through Nature's signs & eco-therapeutic photography

3. Taking a mindful & instinctual journey in Nature to explore purpose 

4. Guided Nature-based stories to inspire outdoor journeys & insights

5. Finding and connecting with natural allies to guide you towards your purpose

6. Nature-based visualisation meditations for purpose seeking

Spring 'Re-Membering Our Connection With Land' & Summer 'Re-Union With The Elements' Online Retreats Still To Be Confirmed!

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