I'm an explorer by heart with a true passion for Nature, poverty alleviation, global cultures (past & present), deep ecology, photography, Nature communication and, of course, working with the inner senses. I'm originally from the UK, now living in the mountains of Northern Spain, where I see bears and wolves regularly and go on many solo hiking adventures. I'm an experienced coach, wildlife conservationist and youth & community specialist; with loads of energy, intuition and enthusiasm to share with you. 

I've lived in the UK, Spain, Ecuador, Zambia, Uganda and Kenya, in large cities like Leeds, Kampala and Guayaquil and remote, rural, areas too; working mostly in the international development and personal development field with environmental and youth & community charities.

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  • 17 years' experience in people development, conservation, community engagement and Nature-connection

  • ICF & EMCC accredited 135-hr ACTP Professional Coach Certification 

  • EMCC Accredited Coach & Mentor at Senior Practitioner Level

  • Speaker at the EMCC 27th Mentoring, Coaching & Supervision Conference & EMCC GPS Summit

  • B.Sc. (Hons) in Wildlife Conservation

  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Youth & Community Work, MA level, with Distinction; level 7 JNC

  • Level 4 NVQ in Advice & Guidance (IAG) 

  • 2500+ hours delivery of coaching and mentoring, since 2013

  • Experienced trainer of youth coaches (ACSTH) & emerging global leaders

  • Certified SOMA Mindfulness Teacher

  • Certified Natural Mindfulness Guide 

  • Thought Leader for an eco-consciousness Think Tank

  • Taught by Nature herself, through years of deep daily Nature connection... Most of your exercises have been inspired by and 'sensed' in Nature; especially from trees and stone

  • Ecotherapy Certification (candidate) etc.​

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After a very difficult time in my younger years, I eventually managed to change my life around. I left school and studied a BTEC National Diploma in Animal Care in a Welsh college, miles away from home. I was fascinated by Indigenous tribes, plants and animals. I became even more passionate about Nature and achieved excellent grades for the first time. That gave me the boost I needed to focus on my dreams; the ones people told me to stop dreaming about, like living near to the Amazon! I'm stubborn and determined, so I never gave up. 


I left home young, so I worked every day and night from 16 years old to self-fund my studies, own home and volunteer placements to achieve my degree in Wildlife Conservation and dream job working in Nature reserves, leading conservation projects and helping businesses with their environmental sustainability. I got there by age 22. I worked for years with amazing environmental and community charities. My work evolved overtime and I got my Post Graduate Diploma in Youth & Community Professional Studies. I went on some awe-inspiring lone travels and began to grow youth and community programmes in the UK and afar. I even started a PhD.

By my mid-thirties I'd fulfilled my big aspirations. I'd stayed with a tribe in the Amazon Rainforest, met wild gorillas in Uganda, camped alone on African jungle islands, walked to Machu Picchu, visited the Galapagos islands and massively developed my career. I even bought a forest and fincas to re-wild and preserve, frequented by Iberian wolves and try to connect daily with trees and stone; the two beings that 'call to me' most. I'm no stranger to crossing massive barriers in life, including a life-changing accident in my early 20s. But, I never gave up, and live every day with the optimism and energy I feels it deserves. Now, I aspire to inspire others.