Leah has always felt like an explorer by soul, with a true passion for global cultures past & present, Nature, wilderness immersion and seeking purpose. Originally from Wirral UK, she now lives in the vast & mysterious mountains of Northern Spain. She grew up inspired by an array of spiritual mentors and her mum who is a master reader of the I-Ching Chinese Oracle & Tarot. Having practiced them for 45 years, she shared her wisdom with Leah. Leah's often felt her purpose is to help others to find their sense of purpose, fulfillment & wellbeing.

Leah has extensively volunteered and travelled Ecuador, Zambia, Uganda and Kenya, living in large cities like Kampala and Guayaquil and remote rural areas too. International development, community capacity building, mental health & personal development are her core career areas. On days off she explores ancient sites, gets lost in mountains and forests and photographs Nature's beauty. A life-changing accident in Leah's early 20s shifted her away from her original dream job. Plot twist! 

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  • 17 years' experience in people development, conservation, community engagement and Nature-connection

  • ICF & EMCC accredited 135-hr ACTP Professional Coach Certification 

  • EMCC Accredited Coach & Mentor at Senior Practitioner Level

  • Speaker at the EMCC 27th Mentoring, Coaching & Supervision Conference & EMCC GPS Summit

  • B.Sc. (Hons) in Wildlife Conservation

  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Youth & Community Studies, MA level, with Distinction; level 7 JNC

  • Level 4 NVQ in Advice & Guidance (IAG) 

  • 2500+ hours delivery of coaching and mentoring, since 2013

  • Experienced trainer of youth coaches (ACSTH), mentors & emerging global leaders

  • Certified SOMA Mindfulness Teacher

  • Certified Natural Mindfulness Guide 

  • Thought Leader for an eco-consciousness Think Tank

  • Ecotherapy Certification (190-hours)

  • CPD Cert. in Photography for Ecotherapy 

  • CPD Certs. in Ecotherapeutic Storytelling 

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With deep intuition and empathy, and a lifelong connection with Nature, Leah thrives from sharing the healing, inspiring and regenerative power of Nature, and Nature's empowerment and positive wellbeing properties when combined with coaching & mindfulness. 

Leah holds a B.Sc. Hons. degree in Wildlife Conservation and has delivered numerous Nature and eco-therapeutic programmes throughout her Nature connection & community engagement career. She's a highly experienced EMCC accredited Professional Coach (ACTP Qualified, Senior Practitioner) that has trained people in coaching & mentoring skills worldwide since 2013. Half of the week she works as a Lead Coach & Trainer for a UK wellbeing coaching company. Leah hikes a lot when she's off work; nearly always alone and a little slowly! She loves prehistory, local traditions, everything about culture and Nature.

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”

– William Shakespeare