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Coaching & Training 

Leah provides online and in-person coaching, for young people and adults alike, across the globe, delivered through two specialised modalities:

1. Life Purpose Coaching, and

2. Eco-Coaching


Helping you to find purpose, meaning, belonging, deeper self-awareness and nature connection. 


Due to her extensive experience and expertise, Leah also provides talks and training in youth leadership, coaching, nature connection, eco-consciousness and personal development for environmental and social change. Leah's youth work spans 16 years, coaching 9 years and her career in wildlife conservation and community engagement began 20 years ago. See About' section or LinkedIn for more information.

Leah is a European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) Accredited Senior Practitioner, with 135-hours of ICF Accredited (ACTP) Coach Training.

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Do you worry about your place and purpose on this planet? Do you find yourself saying: "I don't have a clue what to do with my life?" or, "I don't feel I belong". Are you frustrated or confused about your career, feeling lost or at a crossroads? Do you have big dreams, but feel useless, stuck or lacking in confidence and drive to reach them? Do you feel you don't have any dreams at all? Do you find yourself asking: "Who am I?" or, "Why am I here?" Are you holding yourself back from achieving your true potential? Do you want to have the adventure of a lifetime or a big career change, but fear leaving your comfort zone? If you're a student, do you worry about what career or course to choose? Do you want to discover who you truly are, to find your potential, life's purpose, vision and core values?

That's where Life Purpose Coaching, with Leah, can help you!

Sessions are held online, face to face, for a duration of one hour, with 2 x exercises to complete in your own time. Prices!

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What Happens & Where Do We Meet?

Coaching focusses on the now and the future. So unlike therapy, coaching does not dig into your past. We'll talk in a confidential space where I will 100% accept you for, exactly, who you are. We'll work together to move you towards your aspirations, purpose, a better space of mind and clarity of your life's meaning and direction. Coaching aims to maximise your potential through your coach's powerful listening skills, reflections, observations, exploration of your self and situation; all enhanced, and intertwined, with meaningful questions. You have to work hard though, too, in the sessions, and afterwards. Leah will give you deep explorative and reflective exercises to complete in your own time, and may gently challenge and encourage you during the sessions. 


In the instance of eco-coaching, a distinctive modality of coaching, nature becomes our co-coach; enhancing your connection to your true self in partnership with the natural world. This works in a unique way, online, or in-person, and deepens your relationship with nature and your human potential. Please see 'eco-coachingfor details. 

Where do we meet? 70% of people meet Leah via online video or voice call. Leah's clients are from all over the world covering more than 32 countries.